BeLeaf Wolfville offers a full range of revitalising, de-stressing spa treatments and experiences just for you. Enjoy your special me-time or treat someone you care about in a relaxed, nurturing environment. Come discover your place of “Ahhh…”



Tulasãra Facial

Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with a customized Tulasara facial treatment. Following a thorough consultation, your spa therapist will design a treatment, using the optimum combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas and techniques, individualized to balance the radiance of your skin and reveal yournatural beauty.

30 min: $65 | $75 60 min: $85 | $95 90 min: $105| $115


Perfecting Plant Peel (30 min from $61, Add on from $33)

Powered by plants, Aveda’s Perfecting Plant Peel™ system performs like a 30% glycolic peel—naturally and without the redness and irritation. The Perfecting Plant Peel can be performed as a standalone 30-minute treatment or added to any signature facial treatment.

Vitamin C Complex Transforming Facial (75 min $125)

A five-phase Ayurvedic facial massage that increases micro-circulation and improves hydration, radiance and the appearance of fine, dry lines. Immediate and visible results with complete relaxation.

Dual Exfoliation Treatment (75 min $115 | $135)

The Dual Exfoliation Treatment is Aveda’s latest advancement in non-invasive, skin-renewing treatments. Using innovative techniques, this treatment combines Aveda’s naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one powerful service that transforms and rejuvenates the skin through the process of dual exfoliation. In a clinical study, the Dual Exfoliation Treatment achieved better results than a combined microdermabrasion/30% glycolic peel treatment in both immediate smoothness and radiance, plus significantly better results in smoothness, radiance and skin tone one week later. Experience the rejuvenating power of plants and minerals to help skin to look and feel its best.

Dermaplaning Facial (75 min $110 | $120)

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective form of exfoliation that rids the outer layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face. this treatment helps regenerate new skin cells and you will see an immediate difference in your complexion, as it will appear brighter and feel softer. As add-on: $39

Energizing Eye Treatment $15

See your eyes come alive with the vital energy of plants and massage. Helps diminish dark circles and puffiness.

Restorative Lip Treatment $15

A gentle exfoliation and renewing treatment leaves you with radiant, smooth lips

Vitamin C Booster $10

Vitamin C helps promote the skin’s natural collagen production; smooth the appearance of dry, fine lines; and leave skin looking brighter and more radiant.

Body Treatments

Beautifying Body Polish (75 min $100 | $110)

Reveal your radiant self. This 75 min treatment exfoliates the body with mineral rich salt crystals. Exfoliates dull surface cells for smooth, radiant skin. Rinse or soak with hydrotherapy tub or shower. This experience is completed with a 30 min body massage with uplifting aromas of certified organic rosemary, lavender, bergamot with flower and plant essences. Your spirit will sing!

Stress Fix Body Wrap (75 min $100 | $110)

Let go of stress and regain the beauty of life. The Stress Fix Body Wrap is a 75 min experience that is clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress. Starting with a dry exfoliation, a warm seaweed masque (applied to the back), followed with a rinse or soak in our shower or hydrotherapy tub, finishing with a 30 min aromatic body massage of lavender, lavandin, and clary sage. Wanting more massage time? No problem — ask us for a 1 hr upgrade. Regain well-being with every breath.

HydroTherapy Tub (20 min $40)

Relieve muscle tension and reduce stress in our aromatic hydrotherapy tub. Add on to spa service $20.


Hair removal and tinting

BeLeaf Aveda Spa’s waxing rituals effectively remove hair while ensuring maximum comfort. Two different types of wax allow for customized hair removal.  Let us know if you are using doctor-prescribed skin care products or taking any medications, as we need to check for contraindications prior to treatment.



Eyebrows $17 | $22
Lip $12 | $17
Chin $11 | $16
Cheek $11 | $16
Ear $11 | $16
Nose $11 | $16
Underarms $22 | $27
Classic bikini $30| $35
Brazilian* $61 | $66
Maintenance* $55 | $60
Arm, half $30 | $35
Arm, full $41 | $46
Leg, half $41 | $46
Leg, full $66 | $71
Back $50 | $55
Chest $50 | $55
Eyebrow tint $17 | $22
Lash tint $22 | $27
Lash & brow tint $39 | $44
Lash lift & tint $77


*Discuss maintenance waxing with your spa therapist.

Lash Enhancements

Lash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual extensions made of a synthetic material to look like perfect natural eyelashes; thicker at the base and thinner at the tip with a slight curl. Extensions give the appearance of a darker, more voluptuous lash-line. When getting lash extensions, it is important to understand the maintenance. Every client is different but fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks fills.

Classic Lash extensions

Classic Lash extensions are our signature lash application where one extension is applied to one natural eyelash. The result is an enhanced lash line with a natural and realistic appearance. We recommend Classic Lashes to those who want their lashes to look beautiful yet natural.

set $132 | $163



A cross between classic and volume, a mixture of single and multiple lashes are applied to each eyelash. Hybrid eyelash extensions are a cross between a classic set of eyelash extensions and a volume set. They can also be a great way to achieve that staggered look, by using longer classic extensions interspersed with shorter volume

full set $174 | $194



Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and give the client a fuller look. Volume lashes are prefect for clients who don’t have a lot of lashes, have sparse lashes, or just want a more dramatic look. Multiple lash extensions are applied on every individual lash.

full set $215 | $235


Lash Lift & Tint $75

A lash lift is a semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes, much like a perm. By bending your natural lashes over a curved silicone shield and applying a solution, our lash technicians can set the shape of your natural lashes into an upward and realistic curl. This a great alternative to lash extensions without the maintenance. This unique service leaves you with longer-looking semi-permanent curled lashes lasting up to 6 weeks. We also carry professional lash serum to help enhance lash growth if you need more lash length before the Lash Lift Service. For maximum results of serum we recommend 5 weeks of usage.



Aviva Lab Spray Tan $40

All natural, vegan and free of harsh dyes and chemicals. Leaves you with a natural looking and long lasting tan! We also carry products to help maintain and optimise your tan.

Series of 3 package $100



AVEDA make-up is mineral based make-up at its finest.

Proms, weddings or just for fun, a professional make-up application will not only change the way you look but change the way you feel. Pure plant extracts are used in all AVEDA make-up products.

Professional Make-up Applications

Make-up application (novice | expert) from $45 | from $81
Make-up lesson from  $55
False Lash Application from  $10

Manicures and Pedicures

Hands & Feet

Aveda Aroma Refresh manicures and pedicures include basic nail work and polish application.

Refresh Manicure 30 min $24 | $34
Refresh Pedicure 30 min $35 | $45
Refresh Mani/ Pedi 1 hr $51 | $71


Aveda Aroma BeLeaf manicures and pedicures include hand or foot soak, all nail, hand or foot work, massage, and polish application

BeLeaf Manicure 45 min $33 | $43
BeLeaf Pedicure 60 min $53 | $63
BeLeaf Mani/Pedicure 1hr 45 min $78 | $98


Aveda Aroma Signature manicures and pedicures include hand or foot soak, all nail, hand or foot work, massage, and polish application as well as a hydrating masque and exfoliation featuring Shampure or Rosemary Mint aroma.

Signature Manicure 60 min $43 | $53
Signature Pedicure 75 min $68 | $78
Signature Manicure/Pedicure 2hr 15min $100 | $120


We offer an array of CND and artistic colours for you to choose from.

Gel Lacquer add on to manicure or pedicure $12
Gel Lacquer removal $0 / without mani/pedi: $12
Polish Application $12
French Polish add on $10


Full Set  $61 | $81
Fill, two weeks  $28 | $38
Fill, three weeks  $38 | $48
Fill, four weeks  $48 | $58



Massage services


Stress-Fix Body Massage

Proven to relieve feelings of stress, the Stress-Fix™ aroma features lavender, lavandin and clary sage and is incorporated throughout a body massage that is designed to calm and rejuvenate you with Swedish and deep tissue techniques, foot reflexology, acupressure and a guided meditation. 60 min: $79 | $89 / 90 min: $116 | $126

Elemental Nature Massage

A customised massage experience based on Aveda’s Elemental Nature℠ philosophy and your favourite Aveda aroma. Depending on your needs, a variety of massage techniques are utilized, including Swedish, deep tissue and pregnancy massage, acupressure, and foot reflexology. 30  min: $39 | $49 / 60 min: $72 | $82  / 90 min: $105 | $115

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage

Ayurveda (Ah-yer-vay-dah)  means “the art of living wisely” or “the science of life and longevity” and this treatment defines it perfectly. A deeply relaxing head, neck, shoulder, chest, and arm massage using Ayurvedic oil specific to your dosha type. It works on marma points, which are vital places in the body where the subtle Prana (life energy) is converted, regulated, and stored for use by the body and mind. De-stress the whole body and aid sleep, Increase of the flow of cerebro-spinal fluids, thus strengthening the nervous system. Disperse toxins from tense and knotted muscles and improve blood circulation in previously congested muscles, oxygenate the brain, combat eye strain, tinnitus, jaw ache and sinusitis, and stimulate lymphatic drainage.  60  min: $79 | $89. Add on 30 min: $39 | $49

Therapeutic Massage

A fully customizable massage by one of BeLeaf’s Registered Massage Therapists. After a thorough consultation, your therapist will provide a choice of Aveda aromas and will use a variety of techniques to best suit your needs.

Direct billing available.

30 min  $48 | $50 | $55
60 min  $89 | $94 | $99
90 min  $115 | $120 | $125



Signature Spa Packages

Balance ($115)

30 Minute Facial, 30 Minute Indian Scalp Massage, Shampoo and Style.

Harmony ($137)

Refresh Mani & Pedi, Two Shellac Applications, 30 Minute Massage.

 Beautify ($168)

BeLeaf Manicure, BeLeaf Pedicure, 60 Minute Facial

Tranquility ($226)

Aveda Body Treatment, Hydrotherapy Tub, 30 Minute Facial with Enhancement, Signature Pedicure.